Entrance Requirements for Freshmen

Any student who was graduated from a lycee, high school or an equivalent institution may apply to the "Interuniversity Student Selection and Placement Center" (OSYM) in Ankara to take the entrance examination to enter the University. Following is the address where the applications may be mailed:


Ogrenci Secme ve Yerlestirme Merkezi - OSYM 06533 Ankara/TURKEY

Entrance Requirements for Undergraduate Transfer Students

Students who have completed two semesters of the curriculum of a university or university-level institution may apply to be admitted to the University as transfer students with advanced standing at their second year of study or above. In order to qualify for admission, applicants must have a "B" average or its equivalent, and their previous studies must be related to the courses given at METU. Applicants having these qualifications must submit a certified transcript or equivalent documentary evidence of their academic report together with their application. If it is deemed necessary the University may give an oral and/or written examination required by the department to which the applicant wishes admittance. After having consulted with the faculty of the department concerned, the Registrar shall refer such applicants to the Administrative Board of the concerned Faculty for a final decision.

Entrance Requirements for Graduate Programs

Those who hold a Bachelors degree from a four-year institution may apply to Master's programs. Applicants for doctoral programs should hold a Master's degree. Students who are in their final semester may also apply to graduate programs.

The decision to admit an applicant to a graduate program is made by the Administrative Board of the Graduate School upon the recommendation of the Department Chairperson concerned. Applicants must therefore obtain an application form from the Graduate Admission Office. The form and the related information can also be downloaded from websites of the Graduate Schools (Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences | Graduate School of Social Sciences | Graduate School of Marine Sciences | Graduate School of Informatics The form should be filled and submitted/sent together with other required documents to Graduate Admission Office.


Required documents are:
i) Official transcripts for all graduate and undergraduate level coursework completed up to the time of application, notarized or attested. (For application purposes an official transcript is defined as a record, which bears the signature of the registrar and the seal of the institution)

ii) Letter of intention prepared by the applicant describing his/her background and goals in graduate study, and

iii) Two letters of reference.

iv) The applicants are also required to submit their graduate examination score and

v) English Proficiency Test result.


Graduate examinations accepted by METU are LES (graduate education examination) given in Turkey by OSYM and GRE (Graduate Record Examination) given worldwide by Educational Testing Services (ETS). The applicant therefore should apply either to LES or GRE. Applicants to graduate programs in Management must take GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test).


English Proficiency Tests accepted by METU are KPDS given in Turkey by OSYM, METU-EPE (English Proficiency Examination) given by METU School of Foreign Languages), TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) given worldwide by ETS and other examinations given worldwide; IELTS, FCE, CAE and CPE.


Applications to Graduate School will not be considered complete without the official graduate examination and English proficiency scores. Therefore the applicants must make sure that their scores are forwarded to METU. (The institution code numbers are GRE: 0692-4 TOEFL:0692-189)

Deadlines for applications are March 31st for Fall Semesters and October 31st for Spring Semesters. All correspondence concerning the admission should be addressed to:


Graduate Admission Office MM Building No 122 Middle East Technical University O6531 ANKARA/TURKEY

Foreign students eligible for admission should obtain a student visa from the nearest Turkish Consulate; an official letter of acceptance, indicating the category of admission, will be provided to them for this purpose.


New foreign student is expected to contact the Foreign Student Advisor in the Office of the Registrar upon arrival.

Entrance Requirements for Special Students

The University offers a special students program for students who want to take a limited number of courses to improve their knowledge about a subject/subjects.


Special students may be admitted to the University under the following conditions:


1. Applicants must be studying in a higher education institute on the date of application.
2. Applicants must satisfy the Chairperson of the concerned Department that their qualifications will allow them to profit from the courses. Students dismissed from universities or other institutions for disciplinary reasons and/or due to poor academic performance are not accepted.
3. Applications will be made to the Registrar who will refer the matter to the Chairperson of the Department concerned. Recommendations of the Chairperson are subject to the approval of the Dean of the Faculty for undergraduate studies, or the approval of the Director of Graduate School for graduate studies.


Special students are not accorded any of the rights recognized to regular full time students of the University, nor are they awarded any degree or diploma. The number of courses for which they can register is determined by the Chairperson of the Department concerned.


Foreign students must hold a valid student visa and residence permit to be registered as a special student.


All correspondence concerning admission as a transfer or special student, or to graduate programs should be addressed to:


Middle East Technical University Registrar's Office 06531