Non-Technical & Free Electives

Non-Technical Elective courses existing in all 13 engineering curricula are intended to serve in meeting the following objectives of the education of engineering students and the engineering profession:

  • To be aware of their humanistic, social, and environmental responsibilities,
  • To be able to consider these factors in their professional decision-making processes,
  • To be exposed to a broad spectrum of disciplines other than science and engineering, and
  • To be able to establish a sound communication with professionals other than engineers.

The courses taught in the Middle East Technical University that are considered to be in this category are listed according to the departments offering them. Note that these lists do not necessarily imply that departments involved are obliged to offer the courses appearing in these lists to engineering students; rather that they are the lists of courses which may be used to satisfy non-technical elective requirements when taken by engineering students.The list of the courses thas been accepted by engineering faculty as NTE courses can be found in the following address: