First Semester
PHYS105 General Physics I (3-2)4
CHEM111 General Chemistry I (3-2)4
MATH119 Calculus with Analytical Geometry (4-2)5
ME105 Computer Aided Engineering Graphics (2-2)3
ENG101 Development of Reading & Writing Skills I (4-0)4
IS100 Introduction to Information Technologies and Applications NC
Second Semester
PHYS106 General Physics II (3-2)4
CHEM112 General Chemistry II (3-2)4
MATH120 Calculus for Functions of Several Variables (4-2)5
PETE110 Introduction to Petroleum Engineering (2-0)NC
ENG102 Development of Reading & Writing Skills II (4-0)4
CENG230 Introduction to C Programming


Third Semester
MATH219 Introduction to Differential Equations (4-0)4
ES202 Mathematics for Engineers (3-0)3
PETE220 Reservoir Rock Properties (2-2)3
ES221 Engineering Mechanics I (3-0)3
GEOE201 General Geology (3-2)4
HIST2201 Principles of Kemal Ataturk I (2-0)NC
Fourth Semester
ENG211 Adv.Reading and Oral Communication (3-0)3
ES224 Strength of Materials (3-0)3
CHE204 Thermodynamics I (4-0)4
PETE211 Int. to Fluid Mechanics (3-2)4
PETE218 Reservoir Fluid Properties (2-2)3
HIST2202 Principles of Kemal Ataturk II (2-0)NC
Fifth Semester
ES303 Statistical Methods For Engineers (3-0)3
ES361 Computing Methods In Engineering (3-0)3
PETE300 Summer Practice I NC
PETE321 Drilling Engineering I (3-2)4
PETE331 Petroleum Production Engineering (3-0)3
PETE343 Petroleum Reservoir Engineering I (3-0)3
Non-Technical Elective (3-0)3
Any 1 of the following set ..
TURK105 Turkish I NC
TURK201 Elementary Turkish NC
TURK303 Turkish I NC
Sixth Semester
GEOE410 Petroleum Geology (3-0)3
PETE322 Drilling Engineering II (3-0)3
PETE332 Petroleum Production Engineering II (3-0)3
PETE344 Petroleum Reservoir Engineering II (3-0)3
PETE352 Well Logging (3-0)3
ECON210 Principles of Economics (3-0)3
Any 1 of the following set ..
TURK106 Turkish II NC
TURK202 Intermediate Turkish NC
TURK304 Turkish II NC
Seventh Semester
PETE400 Summer Practice II NC
PETE411 Petroleum Property Valuation (3-0)3
PETE417 Petroleum Engineering Design I (2-0)2
PETE461 Natural Gas Engineering (3-0)3
Technical Elective (3-0)3
Technical Elective (3-0)3
Non-Technical Elective (3-0)3
Eighth Semester
PETE418 Peteroleum Engineering Design II (1-4)3
Free Elective (3-0)3
Technical Elective (3-0)3
Technical Elective (3-0)3
Technical Elective (3-0)3