Like all the other engineering disciplines, Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Undergraduate Education can only provide the students with the fundamental knowledge, selected from a wide range of subjects, all of which are highly important in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering practice. It is quite unfortunate that later in their professional life, graduates from petroleum engineering departments all over the world have to cope with problems with this limited knowledge which is often in the form of fundamental theory. Graduate programs are very useful not only for the specialization necessary to handle specific problems that are encountered in industry, but also for providing the skills that are required to follow the technological innovations in the field of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering.

In the light of these necessities, the objectives of the graduate program in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering can be summarized as providing the specialization in the fields of Drilling, Production and Reservoir Engineering, Enhanced Oil Recovery, Natural Gas Engineering and Geothermal Energy, and also developing the skills of analysis and synthesis necessary for initiating and conducting research and development activities. The latter is of primary importance for a country like Turkey who wants not only to catch-up with the technological developments in the modern world but also to produce know-how.