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30/09/2020 - 22:28


CO₂ storage is essential for reaching the below 2°C target. Commercial utilization of CO₂ is one of the mechanisms to create a business case for the CO₂ storage and CO₂-EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery) is currently the only process capable of continuously utilizing and later storing large CO₂volumes.

ECO-BASE will develop revenue streams and business models for CO₂-EOR in South-Eastern Europe (SEE) therefore supporting large-scale CCUS deployment. ECO-BASE has started in August 2017 and it is planned to end in September 2020. The project is carried out locally in SEE countries: Turkey, Romania, and Greece with support from TNO, the Netherlands, and IRIS, Norway. The project team will access the whole revenue stream and focus on optimization of the CO₂-EOR combined with permanent storage (EORStore) as an undividable process.

The main goal of the ECO-BASE project is to demonstrate the ability of CO₂-EOR to economically enhance oil production in the region and serve as a revenue stream for safe and reliable permanent CO₂ storage. More information about the ECO-BASE project can be found at