In the development of primary sources for energy, petroleum and natural gas occupy an important place. The engineering field concerned with exploration, drilling and production of oil and gas requires knowledge of basic sciences (physics, mathematics, chemistry and geology), and rapidly growing technology forces engineers to become acquainted with recent subjects such as shale gas, shale oil, gas hydrates. In the Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Department, undergraduate education is aimed at equipping the students with the knowledge of basic sciences as well as with the tools of rapidly growing technology.

The following program objectives are expected to be achieved within a few years after graduation by the graduates of the Middle East Technical University Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering program. They:
• are preferred by major national and international companies as successful Petroleum Engineers to
take part in the development and production activities of underground energy sources including oil and
natural gas, geothermal, shale gas, and coal gas.
• reach the managerial positions in the national and international organizations where they serve
at active and policy-maker positions.
• have a successful academic career at Petroleum Engineering departments in the academia.
• carry on successful tasks at the other sectors of the industry such as research and development,
transportation, supervising, marketing, and sales.

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