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B.Sc: Middle East Technical University, Department of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering
M.Sc: Middle East Technical University, Department of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering
Ph.D: Middle East Technical University, Department of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering


Computerized Tomography Applications

Enhanced Oil Recovery


Reservoir Engineering

Well Testing

Thesis Supervised

Writer Education Level Thesis Title
Hıdayet Samadov M.Sc Analyzing reservoir thermal behavior by using thermal simulation model (sector model in stars)
Tunç Burak M.Sc Application of artificial neural networks to predict the downhole inclination in directionally drilled geothermal wells
Mustafa Salar M.Sc Application of fluorescent melamine resin microspheres for use as a geothermal tracer
Tevfik Kaya M.Sc Characterization of Kızılcahamam Geothermal field by tracer testing
Hüseyin Çalışgan Ph.D Comprehensive modelling of gas condensate relative permeability and its influence on field performance
Alper Kahvecioğlu M.Sc Designing lost circulation pills for polymer based drill-in fluids
Sultan Anbar M.Sc Development of a predictive model for carbon dioxide sequestration in deep saline carbonate aquifers
Ashkan Soltanieh M.Sc Discrete fracture network modeling and gel injection simulation in fractured carbonates
Javid Shiriyev M.Sc Discrete fracture network modeling in a carbon dioxide flooded heavy oil reservoir
Hakkı Aydın M.Sc Discrete fracture network modeling in Alaşehir geothermal field
Ali Suad Rasheed M.Sc Economics of carbon dioxide sequestration in a mature oil field
Çağdaş Acar M.Sc Enhancing petroleum recovery from heavy oil fields by microwave heating
Sema Tekin M.Sc Estimation of the formation temperature from the inlet and outlet mud temperatures while drilling geothermal formations
Farid Babayev M.Sc Estimation of water alternating gas (wag) injection performance of an offshore field (azeri field,azerbaijan) using a sector simulation model
Kazım Onur Gürçay M.Sc Experimental investigation of the effect of temperature on friction pressure loss of polymeric drilling fluid through vertical concentric annulus
Özge Ramazanoğlu M.Sc An Experimental study on the effects of different chloride sources on the properties of API Class G cement
Çağrı Arı M.Sc An Experimental study on usage of hollow glass spheres (HGS) for reducing mud density in low pressure reservoirs and lost circulation zones
Çağdaş Gültekin M.Sc Feasibilty study of sequestration of carbon dioxide in geological formations
Samir Sadikhov M.Sc Integration of real-time and dynamic surveillance data in managing Azeri-Chirag-Guneshli field
Berna Hasçakır Ph.D Investigation of productivity of heavy oil carbonate reservoirs and oil shales using electrical heating methods
Selin Güven M.Sc Investigation of the effectiveness of electrical and microwave heating for oil shale extraction
Erdinç Eker M.Sc Lattice boltzmann automaton model to simulate fluid flow in synthetic fractures
Beril Kumsal M.Sc Mathematical modelling of geothermal carbon dioxide production in a specific field in Turkey
Öner Erge M.Sc Modeling of surge and swab pressure of yield power law fluids
Aslı Satı Gündoğar Ph.D Multiscale pore structure characterization and pore network modeling of middle east carbonates
Serdar Bender Ph.D Optimization of CO₂ EOR and storage design under uncertainity
İrtek Uraz M.Sc Optimization of well placement in complex carbonate reservoirs using artifical intelligence
İlker Çankaya M.Sc Polymer/oil relative permeabilities in carbonate reservoirs
Selin Erzeybek M.Sc Pore network modeling of fissured and vuggy carbonates
Türker Karaman Ph.D Prediction of multiphase flow properties from nuclear magnetic resonance imaging
Ersen Alp Ph.D Prediction of Non-Darcy flow effects on fluid flow through porous media based on field data
Mohamed Fedlelmula Ph.D Quantification and analysis of uncertainties in reservoir modeling using multiple-point geostatistics
Gökçen Öğütçü M.Sc Risk assessment of petroleum transportation pipeline in some Turkish oil fields
Serhat Küçük M.Sc Simulation of geothermal reservoirs with high amount of carbon dioxide
Cansu Afşar M.Sc Solar generated steam injection in heavy oil reservoirs
Gül Altınbay M.Sc Uncertainties in reservoir limit test results : effect of input parameters
Melek Mehlika Tonga M.Sc Uncertainty evaluation through ranking of simulation models for bozova oil field
Cankat Hapa M.Sc Uncertainty in well test and core permeability analysis
Emrah Gürel M.Sc Uncertainty quantification by using stochastic approach in pore volume calculation for geothermal reservoir
Mustafa Erkin Gözel M.Sc The Use of capacitance-resistive models for estimation of interwell connectivity & heterogeneity in a waterflooded reservoir: a case study
İlkay Uzun M.Sc Use of pro scale simulatiors to understand the effects of wettability on miscible carbon dioxide flooding and injectivity
Barış Alp M.Sc Utilization of GGBFS blended cement pastes in well cementing
Tuğçe Bayram M.Sc Well test analysis in the presence of carbon dioxide in fractured reservoirs

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