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Office: Z-12
Tel: +90 (312) 210-5676
Fax: +90 (312) 210-4883
E-Mail: caglars@metu.edu.tr


B.Sc: Middle East Technical University, Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering
M.Sc: Middle East Technical University, Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering
Ph.D: Middle East Technical University, Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering


Research Interests

Reservoir Modelling


Carbon dioxide Storage

Adsorption on Coal and shale

Well Testing

Thesis Supervised

Writer Education Level Thesis Title
Şükrü Merey Ph.D Analysis of the Black Sea gas hydrates
Murat Fatih Tuğan Ph.D Assessing uncertainties and managing risks in shale gas projects
Burak Parlatuna M.Sc Assessment of production strategies of a gas condensate field using a black oil simulator: a case study
Oytun Örs M.Sc Candidate selection process for polymer gel application by using artificial neural networks
Artuğ Türkmenoğlu M.Sc Characterization of plus fractions for low gas-oil ratio black oil samples in Turkey
Elshan Aliyev M.Sc Development of expert system for artificial lift selection
Mehmet Cihan Ertürk M.Sc Production peformance analysis of coal bed methane, shale gas, and tight gas reservoirs with different well trajectories and completion techniques
Farid Guluzade M.Sc Effects of CO₂ saturation on the recovery of the heavy oil using steam injection EOR technique
Oytun Örs M.Sc Investigation of the interaction of CO₂ and CH₄ hydrate for the determination of feasibility of CO₂ storage in the Black Sea sediments
Şükrü Merey M.Sc Experimental analysis of adsorption capacities and behaviors of shale samples
Baki Tuğrul Taş M.Sc An Experimental investigation of the shale inhibition properties of a quaternary amine compound
Cansu Ay M.Sc An Experimental study of enhanced oil recovery application in limestone medium using NaOH solutions
Ulvi Rza Guliyev M.Sc Optimization of locations of voronoi grid points in reservoir simulation
Tural Jafarlı M.Sc Pressure- and rate- transient analysis of the simulated single and multi-fractured horizontal wells drilled in shale gas reservoirs
Mehmet Cihan Ertürk Ph.D Use of equivalent single porosity medium and automated lumped fluid composition simulation in naturally fractured gas condensate reservoirs
Fuad Rahimov M.Sc Use of voronoi gridding in well test design
Abdirizak Ali Omar M.Sc Assessment of the effects of carbon dioxide injection on the reservoir formation, caprock and wellbore integrity

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