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Office: Z-04
Phone: +90 (312) 210-4891
Fax: +90 (312) 210-4883
E-Mail: kok@metu.edu.tr

B.Sc: Middle East Technical University, Department of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering
M.Sc: Middle East Technical University, Department of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering
Ph.D: Middle East Technical University, Department of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering


Coal Gassification

Drilling and Drilling Fluids

Enhanced Oil Recovery

Oil Shale Recovery

Thermal Analysis

Research Interests

Reservoir Modelling


Carbon dioxide Storage

Adsorption on Coal and shale

Well Testing

Thesis Supervised

Writer Education Level Thesis Title
Mehmet Cebeci M.Sc Analysis of finite element method solution of sinusoidal buckling behaviour of drill string in vertical, directional, and horizontal wellbores and comparison with analytical solutions
Yakut Yıldırım M.Sc Application of vapex (vapour extraction) process on carbonate reservoirs
Aslı Vural M.Sc Clean coal and carbon capture and storage technology roadmap of Turkey
Gamze Yalgın M.Sc Development of a software for determination of kinetic parameters in thermal analysis
Göker Ertunç M.Sc Development of a screening model for the cyclic steam injection (CSI) process
Berk Bal M.Sc Effects of nanoparticles on the performance of drilling fluids
Egemen Kaya M.Sc Estimation of expected monetary values of selected Turkish oil fields using two different risk assessment methods
Abdullah İşcan Ph.D Experimental and numerical investigation of formation damage caused by drilling fluids
Aydın Odabaşı M.Sc An Experimental study of particle size and concentration effects of calcium carbonate on rheological and filtration properties of drill-in fluids
Ahmet Ay M.Sc An Experimental study of silicate polymer gel systems to seal shallow water flow and lost circulation zones in top hole drilling
Tevhide Tuğba Uyar M.Sc Geomechanical wellbore stability assesment for sayindere, karaboğaz, karababa formations in x field
Erdem Tercan M.Sc Managed pressure drilling techniques, equipment & applications
Saibe Esra Safran Ph.D Nanoparticle-stabilized CO2 foams to improve conventional CO2 EOR process at Batı Raman
Ahmet Sönmez M.Sc Performance analysis of drilling fluid liquid lubricants
Emine Buket Ülker M.Sc Stochastic approach in reserve estimation
Güray Karakaya M.Sc A study to determine the cement slurry behaviour to prevent fluid migration
Volkan Aslanoğlu M.Sc A Technical approach to Saudi Arabia crude oil supply forecast and potential substitutes
Betül Yıldırım M.Sc Thermal characterization and gasification kinetics of thrace-saray region coal
Kıymet Gizem Gül M.Sc Thermal characterization and kinetic analysis of sara fractions of crude oils by TGA and DSC methods
Satı Aslı Gündoğar M.Sc Thermal characterization and kinetics of crude oils by tga and dsc methods
Ece Hatice Topa M.Sc Thermal characterization and kinetics of diesel, methanol route biodiesel, canola oil and diesel-biodiesel blends at different blending rates by TGA and DSC
Burak Çağlayan M.Sc Torque and drag applications for deviated and horizontal wells: a case study
Serkan Doğay M.Sc Trajectory estimation in directional drilling using bottom hole assembly(bha) analysis
Kıymet Gizem Gül Ertunç Ph.D Variable-rate, variable-pressure production from a fractured gas well with large viscosity and compressibility variation: applicability of superposition time
Levent Güzeloğlu M.Sc Database development for diamond core drilling bit selection using field
Tayfun Yener Umucu Ph.D Turkey as a major gas transit hub country
Emre Özgür Ph.D Combustion performance of oil shale and biomass fuels and their blends

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